Sunday, June 14, 2009

NeW DeSigN.....=)

pInKy BubBle.....
..nice to wear sweet!!
..suitable for any occasion...

RM 60 (A) [including shipping]
RM 65 (D) [including shipping] SOLD

GreY ABstrAcT with BlaCk CotTon Awning.....
..nice to wear it...
so cute...suitable for any occasion

RM 60 (A) [including shipping] SOLD
RM 65 (D) [including shipping]

BroWniSh sQuarE....
..nice to wear it...
so cute...suitable for any occasion

RM 60 (A) [including shipping]
RM 70 (D) [including shipping] 1 SOLD,1 BOOKED

FlOrAL Red.....
..nice to wear it...
look stylish n elegant...suitable for any occasion

RM 60 (A) [including shipping] SOLD
RM 65 (D) [including shipping]

RoSsY BrOwN.....
..looks so nice...
elegant...suitable for any occasion

RM 55 (A) [including shipping] 2 SOLD,1 avAilAble
RM 60 (D) [including shipping] 1 Available

pLaiN bLaCk with AbStraCt aWnInG.....
..nice to wear it...
simple n cute...
can wear it anytime..

RM 45 (A) [including shipping] SOLD
RM 50 (D) [including shipping]

Saturday, May 30, 2009

LaTesT dEsIgn...=)

gReeN PasteL.....[available for any style]
very soft colour...nice to wear it...
so cute...suitable for any occasion

with Sweet Pop Green CottoN awning

RM 55 (A) [including shipping] SOLD
RM 60 (D) [including shipping]

GolDen NeedLe deSign....[3 sold]
very fashionable n trendy...
looks so elegant....

broWn Cotton Awning with texture

RM 55 (A) [including shipping]
RM 60 (D) [including shipping]

bLuE OceAn....[2 sold, unavailable ]
nice to wear it especially with jeans...
suitable for casual wear

with very light blue cotton texture awning

RM 55 (A) [including shipping]
RM 65 (D) [including Shipping]

nEw DeSign....nEw PaTteRn...esPecially for u guyz...=)

GrEy AbStRacT.....[2 sold---> Diyana Style &
AriaNi Style]

very stylish n trendy
can wear in Any occasion
with Grey Cotton Awning

RM 60 (A) [including Shipping]
RM 65 (D) [including shipping]

StUnNiNg RED....[3 sold]
very attractive colour and nice to wear it..)
so elegant n stylish

with cotton classic Red Awning

RM 55 (A) [including shipping]
RM 60 (D) [including Shipping]

pLaIn BlAcK....[1 sold...available for any order]
very simple and nice to wear
suitable for any type of cloth
can wear it in any occasion...
the awning is the same material with the tudung

RM 55 (A) [ including shipping ]
RM 60 (D) [including shipping]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

shawl for SALE..IT'S A SALE...COME N GRAB IT...

from left : sweet orangey, light green, dark pink, pinkish,
pink purplish, cream, black

one for only RM12 (including shipping)
grab it now...while stock last

Friday, May 22, 2009


my model been out of town for two weeks...
so i'm trying to upload all the tudung without her help...
sorry for not updating lately...
i'll try my best to keep u guys update...

thanks for your supports... :)


1- creamy burberry 2- stripey pink panther

3- off-white with antiques junk 4- awning close-up

1- creamy burberry --> cotton creamy jersey ( sold )
fashionable and trendy...
suitable for all occasion... very nice...
with burberry cotton awning..

2- stripey pink panther --> pink soft jersey (sold)
cute yet adorable...
with colourful stripey cotton awning

3- off-white with antiques junk ---> white cotton jersey ( sold )
suitable for outing...
most of all...its unique awning... so comell...

RM 55 ( including shipping)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bluish with unique Awning...[3sold, 1 available]

so cute..
cotton blue bLack jersey 'Ariani' style
very fashionable, trendy and simple..
suitable for all occasion..nice wearing it..

Unique blue awning
the face measurement can be measured according to your face =)

RM 55 [including shipping]